Women Agricultural Entrepreneurs: An Analytical Review and Annotated Bibliography of Social Science Literature

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March 23, 2016

by Hannah Bryant, Barbara Miller, and Marlene Stearns

This analytical literature review builds on the International Forum on Women's Food Leadership in the Global South, a two-day international conference, sponsored by the Women's Food Leadership Initiative and the Global Gender Program. As the conference explored the successes of and future directions for women’s food leadership, this paper summarizes the relevant literature. Library research, conducted during 2014-2015, focused on women’s participation in farming and agricultural entrepreneurship globally. Relevant sources are listed in this paper, along with brief summaries of regional trends and gaps. The list of sources is not exhaustive, with sources published in the past 15 years (2000-2015) included. The compilation of research demonstrates the transformative potential of women agricultural entrepreneurs, as well as the need for deeper commitments to support and learn best practices to promote women’s food leadership.

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