International Women’s Day 2019 Photo Exhibition – “Celebrating 2019: The Year of Women in Politics”

*Now available for viewing at the Elliott School of International Affairs, 2nd Floor Atrium. The exhibition will run from January 15th to March 29th, 2019, with a formal launch/reception and panel discussion during the week of March 8th (additional details to follow).



Oct. 25, 2018: Film Screening & Discussion: “Mother, Daughter, Sister”

Oct. 24, 2018: Film Screening & Discussion: “In the Name of Your Daughter”

Oct. 1, 2018: ICWA Fellow Onyinye Edeh on Enablers and Barriers to Girls’ Education in Nigeria

Sept. 27, 2018: Brown Bag Lunch: Use of Evidence to Promote Inclusiveness in the NASSP

Sept. 18, 2018: No Alternative: Childbirth, Citizenship, & Indigenous Culture in Mexico

Aug. 22, 2018: Equality: It’s All in the Family (Film Screening & Discussion)

Apr. 11, 2018: Book Talk – Where Women Rule: South Asia with Hasna Moudud

Apr. 3, 2018: GW Diversity Summit – What Makes Us Click? International Perspectives on Dating Culture in the U.S. and Abroad

Mar. 28, 2018: The Status of Women in Pakistan: A Discussion with Fauzia Viqar

Mar. 26, 2018: Exploring Masculinities in International Affairs with Promundo

Mar. 8, 2018: LADIES FIRST Film Screening & Discussion

Mar. 8, 2018: International Women’s Day Celebration – Pathways to Success: Career Accomplishments of Elliott School Women (Session 2)

Mar. 8, 2018: International Women’s Day Celebration with Amina Mama

Mar. 5, 2018: International Women’s Day Celebration – Pathways to Success: Career Accomplishments of Elliott School Women (Session 1)

Feb. 26, 2018: Film Screening & Discussion with Don McPherson: “The Mask You Live In”

Feb. 20, 2018: Careers in Gender Policy & Programming (Part 2)

Jan. 30, 2018: Towards an ‘Inclusive’ Agriculture-Driven Prosperity for Africa: The Potential, Promise and Challenges in Deploying a Gender Lens

Dec. 1, 2017: Global Careers & Sexual Harassment: Workplace Strategies to Confront the Challenge and Thrive

Nov. 29, 2017: GWI Report Launch:“No Safe Place: A Lifetime of Violence for Conflict-affected Women and Girls in South Sudan”

Nov. 29, 2017: Careers in Gender Policy & Civil Rights (Part 1)

Nov. 10, 2017: GEIA Film Screening: “Dark Girls”

Apr. 26, 2017: Women’s Parliamentary Representation: The Case of Poland

Apr. 5, 2017: Untold Stories: African Women Judges in International Courts

Mar. 29, 2017: Bridging Policy with Practice: Due Diligence & State Accountability to End Violence Against Women

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