Women, Peace, Security, & Development Bibliography

In the spring of 2010, the Gender Equality Initiative in International Affairs (formerly GGP) gathered sources relevant to issues raised by the United Nations Security Resolution 1325 (UNSCR 1325), which states the importance of including women in all aspects of peace, conflict resolution, and protection during conflict.

UNSCR 1325, and several following UN resolutions, supports women’s participation at the peacemaking table and in peacekeeping operations, women’s participation and impact in formal political participation, and the effect of including women and girls in development including poverty reduction and interventions from micro-credit to improved cook stoves, just to name a few areas. The scope is wide and the challenge daunting.

Several UN member countries have supported the goals of UNSCR 1325 by adopting a National Action Plan (NAP). Such NAPs are important policy tools supporting gender equality and, thereby, sub-national, national, regional, and global peace.

Key questions are:

  • What do we know about how to include attention to gender equality in all aspects of peace, conflict prevention, and post-conflict recovery?
  • What do we know about the short-term and long-term benefits to peace and security through promoting gender equality?

The Bibliography seeks to provide a resource to help answer these questions.